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Site Usage Agreement

To all our user who visit our Website ,
Syngula ( hereinafter defined as “The company “ ) makes every possible effort to maintain due and right Website, and for this purpose, would draw to you the most careful attentions on your access to the Website and the information and materials provided on the Website , and would also request you strictly to observe the terms of use and the privacy policy as set in the attached ( unless you agree to be legally bounded by the term and privacy policy ,please immediately leave the Website and don’t use the Website )

1. General term
1. The information contained in the Website is for general information purpose only and may be subject to amendment and updating without any notice at any time.
2. “The company “does the best to ensure to keep all information on the Website updating , correct, lawful and ethical , and in case due to any technical issues ,the Website being temporarily unavailable for access beyond control, for damages and loss which” The company “shall take no responsibility and not be liable.
3.” The company” makes no representations, warranties, of any kind, whether express or implied , about completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, availability, marketability, security、public legitimacy and justice with regard to the Website or the information, products, services or related graphics contained on the Website for any purpose.
4. The information on the Website is not intended to address you specific requirements and needs. Any decisions and reliance you may do by such information are therefore solely at own risk, for which” The company” shall not be liable. In the event some disputes arise between the user and the third party , amicable and peaceful settlement shall be made between the parties concerned ,for which “The company “is not responsible.
5.” The company ” is a distributor of contents supplied by third parties and users of the internet. Any opinion , advices ,statements ,services, offers or other information or contents, whether express or implied or made available to third parties ,including information providers or users, are those of authors, manufacturers, distributors, and not of us . We do not necessarily endorse or are we not responsible for the accuracy, or reliability of any opinion, advice, statement, made on the Website
6.Governing law and jurisdiction.
This term of use shall be construed and governed by Japanese law and the court of Japan, Tokyo shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes, regardless of your base domicile. “The company” do business in Tokyo, Japan. In case the arbitration are requested, Tokyo chamber of commerce shall be in charge.

2. Disclaimer and limitation of liability
1. Under any circumstance , neither” The company” nor any of its agents, employees and subcontractors shall be liable to you or any other party for any of claims, loss, demands or damages ,injures whatever so ( whether direct or indirect, implied, incidental, punitive, consequential )or (, whether such claims, loss ,demands ,damage ,injures were predicted ,known or otherwise ) resulting out of, or in connection with the use of the Website or information ,content or materials included on the Website.
2. ”The company” makes every effort to ensure that computer infrastructure is error and virus free but don’t warrant that any materials available for downloading from the Website will be free from infection ,virus and/or others that have contaminated , harmful and destructive components, and requests all users to safeguard against and maintain security with due and appropriate procedures and/or virus check at your risk for the accuracy of data base .
3. In any event , neither “The company “ nor any of its agents, employees and subcontractors shall be liable to any direct or indirect, incidental, punitive, consequential loss, injures, damages including, without limitation, any loss of actual or anticipated profits, revenue, business opportunities, business, anticipated saving, goodwill, reputation, moral, damages to, or corruption to data, use of money or otherwise.

3. Copyright and intellectual property
1. The Website contains copyright materials, trade names and marks right, other intellectual property right , including, but not limited to, Website service, advertisement, design, illustration, text, software, photo, program and graphics, video, music, sound, all of which “The company” call it as “ content “ and these contents are protected by copyright law and intellectual property law and other related laws.
2. “ The company”, its licensors, or authorized persons have the right to use such copyright, database right, other intellectual property right for utilizing such contents for copying, public release, rearrangements, presentations, publications, redistribution, transfer, rental use . But you are not authorized to modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer, or sale of, to create developed works from or in any other way to arrange, any content, in whole or in part except as defined in the terms herein.
3. The users may access and use the information by downloading from the Website for your own personal and non- commercial purpose only. Except as otherwise approved clearly under copyright law, no commercial use of download materials whether those materials constitutes to result in the infringements for intellectual rights shall be allowed without our express approval or that of the copyright holders . Also ,even if any kind of copying, public release, rearrangement, presentation, publication, redistribution, public transmission, transfer, translation, rental use, modification, remodel of copyright materials are approved, no changes and modifications to, deletion of the author originality , trademark value , or copyright phrase, shall be permitted, and you acknowledge that you do not obtain any ownership rights by downloading copyright materials.
4. The users are not permitted , without express consent by “ The company “ to collect, extract, analyze, the contents or data provided on the Website, and also to release those results to the public whether it serves for commercial and/or noncommercial purposes.
5. “ The company “ does not warranty that the Website, its services provided on the Website and the intellectual property materials used may not infringe any of the right owned by the third parties, and in the event the said infringements are revealed , The company” shall not liable to the users for the damages and loss incurred, arising out of .

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