“Obtaining beautiful skin knowing what it needs”. – Megumi Kanzaki ANZ special column vol.5

Hello, ANZ readers, this is Megumi Kanzaki. I know that everyone, including myself, suffer from skin problems. Though it is important to take good care of it while still young, what is the most important for beautiful skin is to gain the right knowledge and to learn how to correctly take care of it. Now that I am over 40, I am rethinking about how we can “gain beautiful skin”, and today I will share my tips with you.

Blots, wrinkles, sagging and dullness. Things that were not issues in our 20’s show up as various skin problems after we turn 40. That explains why I often receive a question, “what do I need to do to gain beautiful skin?” In my case, the basic skin care method that I have been using since young has not been changed drastically. Instead, through my experiences, I try to think about what are good for my skin and take care of it correctly with the right knowledge. These tips on my list include things like using a sunblock to prevent UV damage, changing amounts of makeup remover depending on amounts of makeup I have on, applying cream and beauty essence diagnostically upward, using towels that are soft so that it won’t damage my skin and keeping bed linen clean to prevent bacteria breeding….. actually, the list never ends!

Among all, though, one thing that I am especially careful about is how I touch my skin. That is, when I wash my face and apply skin care products, I do it very gently without forcing anything as if I am carefully stroking it. To have more vivid image, think about how you touch tofu. That is because when there are any frictions on your skin caused by unnecessary force, they can cause skin problems such as blots, acne and pigmentations. So if you realize that you are putting too much pressure on your skin, please try to be gentler. Another thing that is very important is to know what to do after washing face. To protect your skin, it is recommended to use beauty essence and this liquid needs to be soaked into your skin. One small thing you can do then that helps you to gain beautiful skin is to gently press the essence into your skin using your own palms and utilizing their warmth. I know that there are all kinds of tedious things that you need to do to have beautiful skin. But please remember that if you feel too much pressure over those things, that stress you feel can eventually cause skin problems. Please do not push yourself too hard when you are busy or when you do not feel like making extra efforts. Another important thing is to know what makes you feel comfortable when it comes to skin care and to adjust the amount of your efforts.

Or, if you feel that it is too much for you, the best method is to start with things that you can do such as collecting things that make you feel good for your bathroom or dresser, using brand cosmetic items that you admire so much and being more conscious with your favorite fragrance and texture. Given that women are quite sensitive with our inner feelings, it is important to continue the care of skin while feeling good about ourselves. Removing dirt, adding moisture and blocking UV. Things you continue to do now are what contributes for your beautiful skin 10 years later……imagine how you would feel if you do have beautiful skin in the future and, most of all, have lots of fun while taking care of your skin.

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