“The first step to beauty starts with healthy body”. We interviewed a beautiful company president who promotes Japanese beauty and health products to the world.

Ms. Yuri started her own business after studying in Japan and encountering a beauty product company. From what she carries in her makeup case to her secrets to maintain beauty and health, we asked her numerous questions!



So, Miss. Yuri, please tell us about your beauty secrets that you stick to.

Obtaining a beautiful body is what many Chinese women want the most these days. In fact, many women that I know go to a gym or a spa. Speaking of myself, I have been a jogger since when I was in college, so I always run in a university sports ground close from my place. I also visit a spa about once a week to take an enzyme bath. The enzyme bath that was developed in Japan has not been too popular in China yet, so I always take a friend of mine when I go. The way to take the bath is like this; lie down in a box that is filled with enzyme powders leaving only your head out of the powders. In about 15 minutes, your whole body starts to sweat. I get so sweaty after jogging or taking the enzyme bath, and it is genuinely refreshing. I also want to try a marathon this year. I know that to many people, gaining beauty is a long and hard road, but I am sticking to these habits mainly to stay healthy.



Can you tell us about three makeup items that you always keep in your cosmetics case?

This is my cosmetics bag. Since I like to put on natural makeup, I do not have much stuff for makeup (lol).
①Usually, after applying crème, I use the Laura foundation before using a base makeup.
②Then I use the base makeup by Lancome. They have stopped the production of this item, so I cannot buy it anywhere in the world any longer. As a replacement, a CC crème can be used but I like this old version better. It maintains moisture and my skin looks more natural as if no makeup. In addition, since it is SPF50, it can be used as a sun block as well.
③This is liquid lip rouge by Dior. Liquid lip rouge is hard to come by, right? This item came out in China in 2014, and since then, it has been remarkably popular. I use the color 575 called “Busoku Musume”. By the way, Busoku is an actual person who was the only female ruler in the Chinese history.



Can you tell us about makeup items by Japanese companies and reasons why you like them?

I use makeup items by many different brands from different parts of the world, but I do like Japanese products the most. I think Japanese beauty products are the best choice for Chinese women because we both have the same Asian skin. What’s more, “Made-in-Japan” sounds safe and reliable. Today, I am using a concealer by CPB, which is a high brand of Shiseido. More or less, a lot of women suffer from skin troubles including blotches and dark spots, and that is why we need a concealer. I continue to use this product for I like its moisturizing effect. My skin gets smooth when I use this product, and makeup stays unaffected throughout the day.


Anything you watch out for your health, if any?

My family owns a mountain and we have different kinds of trees planted there including peach trees and plum trees that do not exist in Japan. My family runs a business to sell those fruits and we also make and sell things such as jellies and liquors made with the fresh fruits. So since when I was little, I was always conscious of health, and personally, I think good-health is more important than makeups.
Also, all of my family love drinking tea and we have a wide selection of tea available at home. I do not eat things that are cold like ice-cream and I only eat lightly flavored dishes.




Please tell us about your favorite Japanese shops and spots and also about your favorite Japanese foods that you want to recommend to other Asians.

I love to eat and I cannot say no to anything that is delicious. I have been to many restaurants, but what has been the most impressive was hokke (Atka mackerel) from Hokkaido. When I saw it for the first time, I was surprised by its mega size. Even today, I still remember how good the first bite was. Meat of grilled hokke is very fresh and soft. The restaurant where I enjoyed it was “Eijiya” on the second floor of Roppongi Building. Besides grilled fish, they also have sashimi and yakiniku. It is very spacious inside the restaurant, so it is a good place for a party too. They also have private rooms too if you want to have some private conversation. By the way, I have to add that the manager of this restaurant is really nice and good-looking too! Please do make a trip, everyone.



Lastly, please tell us about your business.

I have my own business in Hangzhou, which is not too far from Shanghai. I started my business 2 years ago. Around this time, enzyme was big in the market so I started an agency to sell enzyme products. This year, I started up another agency to sell raw placenta products. So far, my business focused on the sales of health products and supplements that were made in Japan, but I am going to start producing my own lineup of supplements and skin products using placenta. I am going to place my business base in Japan, but I am hoping to expand it in other Asian countries as well as other parts of the world.

So this is Ms. Yuri, who is now planning to expand her business into producing her own beauty lineups besides spreading Japanese products. It was unexpected that she would be a big-eater like she said, but that is very charming too. It seems that she pays much more attentions to how to stay healthy inside than making her appearance look more beautiful with makeups!
It is exciting to see what she would do next devoting herself in pursuing beauty and health for women.



Clothes offered by: “ORIGAMI”, the first original brand by LAOX



The first apparel brand by LAOX devoted to “Made in Japan”. Everything in the lineup is made in sewing factories in Japan using only made in Japan fabrics. With the keywords of “elegant” and “fine-quality”, their outfits express beautiful and feminine silhouettes presented through classic styling and vertically long lines.

俞 如珩(Yuri)


Born on August 17th, 1988. Ms. Yuri studied at Hiroshima University Department of Literature in 2010. At the university, she joined the school chorus group and performed in various events including those held in front of the prime minister and the secretary-general of the U.N. Ms. Yuri returned to China afterwards and started working at an international school serving as a bridge between China and the world. While at this position, she successfully sent many of her students to numerous well- known schools across the world. In 2013, she introduced a Japanese product to her friends on wechat (a social network app in China), and her post attracted 3,000 fans unexpectedly. Later, Ms. Yuri started up her own company and started business online, eventually making herself one of social buyers in 2014. Currently, on top of individual buyers, she works directly with more than 60 agencies. Since she believes that it is important to be independent financially, she is grateful that internet business is open to women in free society in China. She is also grateful to Japanese society that continues to produce reliable products.
In spring 2015, Ms. Yuri came across “CORECO”. Her mother told her she should introduce such valuable products to everyone in China and that were the words that led her to become the company’s only authorized reseller in China. CORECO is a company that first developed placenta business in Japanese department stores and beauty salons 20 years ago, and they are very popular among our customers as well. In the same year, they opened up a factory as well as their second business, and started production and sales of their local fruits and others products.
In the near future, Ms. Yuri is hoping to start her own brand to pursue her passions in health and beauty. Her mission is to “offer fine-quality products that people can trust”.

My Dream: to develop products that Chinese people can trust. I also want to help women in the world to be more beautiful and help people to be healthier!

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